The law states that if a work is made by someone outside the employment of a company, the copyright belongs to the person who did the work. If a company hires an employee to do the work, the work belongs to the company and/or employer. Because our company plays a part in producing the final working drawings whether the contractor or we do the designing, we both have a shared interest in the plans. However, the copyright of the new plans belongs to us.

By Law we own the copyright and therefore are the owners of the plan that is drawn. However, in the case that a plan comes to us full scale with very little changes, we will honor the design, and the plan will be used for that contractor only. This does not constitute ownership or transfer of the copyright holder, we are saying that no one else will have access to that plan. All the plans that we draw; both ours and the contractors are stored in our computer in a folder under the name of the contractor it was drawn for.

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