Types of Pricing

Design, Consultation and Rework is $85.00 per hour. There is no fee for me to go and look at your project or come to my home office.

  • Design Time can relate to the initial layout of the floor plan and elevations. It can also relate to changes to the design that require further thought of how something will be put together. If a plan comes to me that has not first met the Copyright Criteria stated below, it may have an hour or more of Design time charged to that plan.
  • Consultation: Two hours of consultation are included in all new plans. However, consultation does not cover the time reworking plans together at the office on the computer, and charges will incur in 15-minute intervals.
  • Rework relates to most of the changes made to a plan after it’s been through the preliminary design stage. We alter a few things that is part of continuing the process toward completion. If you wish to take a different direction from the original then rework charges will apply.
  • Remodel work will apply any time work is done that falls outside the standard residential drawing practices. Charges will apply any time spent with you and/or with the customer, here in the office or out on the job site. ($500 minimum charge). I will give you an estimate of the total cost once I see and know what is involved to draw the plans. See Remodeling and Additions for more information.

Custom Plan Prices

  • Base plan charges are $0.80 cents per total square foot of Main and/or Second floor and Bonus room if any. Fully detailed to code, plan including all four elevations, ready for Permit and Construction.
  • Gables are $35.00 per unit. I.e. number of gables, box or bay windows, dormers, cantilevers, etc. in elevation view.
  • Jogs are $40.00 per unit. I.e. number of jogs, box or bay windows, dormers, open floor interior jogs on each floor including third-stall-garage jogs if any.
  • Angled Exterior jogs including angled garage walls – $45.00 per view.
  • Stone on elevations – $25.00 per elevation view.
  • Brick on elevations – $35.00 per elevation view.
  • Daylight or Walkout – $45.00 for each partial or full elevation view.
  • Lower Level Area – $0.25 cents per square foot finished and/or future.
  • Span-Crete Garage Floors – $120.00
  • Any other work such as Plot Maps, Interior Elevations or Cross Sections of special walls, bookcases, fireplaces, frill, etc., will be $85.00 per hour.
  • Design and Rework will be charged at $85.00 per hour.
    Up to 1 hour of free consultation or updating any codes/details are included on duplicated plans only. Consultation (phone calls and meetings) above the 1 hour will be charged at $85.00 per hour.

Please contact my office for an appointment and to receive a more accurate estimate of your home design needs.

I require 1/3 to 1/2 payment down once I get started. I will send out an invoice.

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