Dear Steve,

How do we begin to thank-you for everything that you did for us??? When the tree hit our house we had no idea or direction on what to do to fix it. After talking to you that first day, we were put at ease knowing that you were ready to jump in and tackle this difficult job. On top of the unexpected remodel, we really weren’t ready to make quick decisions nor did we know what we wanted. Even though we were unclear and confused, you picked up bits and pieces over several conversations and designed the kitchen and bathroom that we wanted.

We never would have thought an island in that small kitchen space was possible! Everything is beyond what we envisioned and then some. Friends and family love the changes and are very impressed with you and your team! THANK-YOU ( It can’t be said enough ) again!!!!

Don and Linda Saagman
Holland, MI


I just had to write and let you know how pleased we are with how everything has gone so far. In the beginning we were apprehensive about having a house built in another state and by a builder we didn’t know. I was really concerned about how we were going to communicate our ideas and make sure they were being carried out. But I have to say that you have provided everything we asked for and then some. Your design team listened carefully to our ideas and produced a plan that is way beyond our expectations. You have responded to all of our e-mails even with new drawings and plan updates.

Logging into the customers’ portfolio on your web site was a key factor in making this whole thing work. The tools you provide have made it very easy, starting from designing our house, viewing the schedule and the daily updates of pictures and comments. The balance sheet is very easy to understand and has added a level of comfort knowing where our costs are at any given time.  You have made this a truly wonderful experience for both of us. Also, we were glad to hear that our friends we referred to you will begin construction soon. We love the house and feel like we’ve gained a friend.

Chris and Katie Bonga
Wheaton, IL

Dear Steve, Sep. 7: From Florida (looking at her web site we set up for our clients.)

PS. great progress today. you guys astound me, I am now fascinated by the construction process. I wish I were there, but your web site is the next best thing. Great work so far! thanks.

Sep. 29: From Florida (looking at her web site.)

Wow. The place looks stunning. Unbelievably great work from everyone! I can see it’s cooling down a bit as the guys are dressing warmer. I am even noticing some new facial hair, maybe preparing for a cold winter? They are quite the troopers too staying out in the rain. It seems as if you have found some good people to work for you.

Jan. 15: Just after a meeting here in Holland with the client

Thanks for coming by on Saturday. The house looks stunningly beautiful. I am very pleased with how it is turning out, and am impressed with your ablities, responsiveness, etc.

Jan. 16: Back in Florida

I am so impressed with how much progress has been made on the house, it is really looking amazing. I think you are doing a great job and are a terrific project manager, very well organized and keeping us all abreast of the situation with your web site and follow up. Also, you are always easy to get a hold of and very responsive. I will give a rave review to any potential clients you have. Just the way Bonga and Strauss did for me.
Gail Shaumann

Testimonial From Mom:
How wonderful it will be– and what a great builder Steve is. If he continues to be this good you can give him “A” pluses all the way down the line when you give a reference.

June. 14: After Closing

Dear Steve,

I don’t know where to begin or how to adequately thank you. You have been a pleasure to deal with over the past 1 ½ years, from the tentative planning stage all the way through completion. Your design work is fantastic; it’s great to see design “tweaks” take place practically instantaneously on your website – something I doubt architects can do. I like the fact that as having a construction background, you are familiar with how to construct in a creative and cost conscious way, without compromising design. I look at it as getting the most “bang for your buck”, keeping construction costs to a minimum while creating a unique design. I also appreciate how accommodating, responsive and easy you have been to work with.

The fact that the house was completed ahead of schedule was an incredible feat and is probably a direct result of your great project management skills and use of technology. Your website is an incredible tool for all phases of construction: design, budgets, construction updates, photos and project management. It also provides a customer with timely results, clarity, and almost instantaneous information. What a huge benefit for someone like me, 1500 miles away from the jobsite, with ability to access your website for news and photos of the construction process, and not having to bother you continuously. All this helps eliminate “surprises” as it is all laid out in a very clear way. There were no surprises on the money side either with your construction costs staying right in line with the contract (although I may have chosen a few upgrades along the way!).

I have been singing your praises and will highly recommend you to anyone designing or building. Many, many thanks for creating such a beautiful and unique home that will be enjoyed for generations to come!

Gail Schaumann

Steve Nyhof is quite a unique man. I say this for a couple of reasons. One is he designed some of the most beautiful fireplaces, mantels, benches and custom bunk beds that I have ever seen, not to mention all the wainscoting.

The other reason he is unique is that he trusted me to paint these beautiful houses with outstanding interiors without really knowing much about me. I had always hoped to paint houses like these someday, but I wasn’t sure if I would ever get the chance. Well, Steve gave me the chance. I have always considered myself a perfectionist, and these two homes especially allowed me to test every bit of my painting knowledge.

When everything was finished the homes looked very nice. In a sense all I did was apply color to Steve’s works of art, nonetheless, I appreciated the chance to work on these homes.

Just one more thing about Steve, when the slow time of the year hit for painters, Steve took the time to develop a web site for me to help me find some work. I was very impressed with the time and effort he put into that web site. I don’t know if anyone else would have done something like that. That alone says what kind of person Steve Nyhof is.

I’m very thankful to have worked for someone like Steve.

Sincerely Yours,
Jeff Keenan Painting