Sometimes you just can’t find an existing plan that meets your needs. For only two to four times the cost you can have a plan custom designed just for you, just the way you want it.

Our goal is to design a house that goes beyond your highest expectations while keeping construction costs in mind.

Choosing the right designer is very important. Most of the time someone is chosen by his or her ability to design the home you want to live in and enjoy. After all isn’t that the bottom line? Not if you would also like to save on your construction costs.

Designing a house with no cost in mind would be very easy, and it’s being done every day. But designing a house that meets your desires and is made with standard, cost-effective building products takes a bit more effort. Simply removing some of the jogs and making sure of standard spans can cut your costs dramatically.

It’s not just finding the right builder with the best price, it’s first finding the right designer to design the structure of your new home in a way that is both cost effective and still very beautiful.

From my 40 years experience in the building and designing industry, and with over 5000 house plans drawn, and a number of large custom homes built, I can say with confidence that our designs will save you thousands of dollars off your construction costs compared with most existing book or internet plans.

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