The above images are a sample of our construction documents (the house plan). Each plan, depending on the complexity of the design will at a minimum include all the elevations, the main floor (and the second floor if it’s a two-story house), the foundation and a common sections page that shows details about the plans, how to read some of the numbers and a common cross-section that shows the wall construction and height details. When a plan is more complex, we recommend that cross-sections be created to help the contractors/builders/suppliers better understand the structure. There are additional fees associated with creating and detailing these section views.

And! If you’re interested, we also include access to the software’s 3D viewer, so you can view your home in 3D from any computer device connected to the Internet. Check out the sample below… Use your left mouse button to drag and rotate the model, and your middle roller button to zoom in and out. Check out the Rendering Techniques and Cross-Section tools.

View MPI1816 Thornapple C-1 in Chief Architect’s 3D Viewer.

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