Steve Nyhof drew up plans for our second home back in 1999. The entire project came off flawlessly. He had some very creative and most welcomed suggestions to make the project exceptionally functional on a lot that had some specific challenges. Fast forward to 2017 when we wanted to add on to our main residence. Steve’s Brother Jim Nyhof built this home for us, so the natural choice was to reconnect with Steve to have him help design the addition. He took the original plans for the home and was able to “bolt on” the new plans for the addition. Once again, his eye for creative design features was exceptional. He listened to our thoughts and offered up suggestions for items that we had not even thought of.

Most recently, we moved to our secondary residence and again, we looked to Steve to design a garage addition, as well as much needed Master Suite. In this instance, Steve had saved his original drawings from 1999, and was able to show the addition as it is to be attached to the existing home. The build is pending, but the design features/suggestions are again wonderful. I would most highly recommend Steve to anyone that is considering a new build or an addition to an existing home. He never hesitated to take our repeated calls/emails as we worked through additional details. It is evident from Steve’s website, he has over many years, worked tirelessly to refine and craft his skills at designing masterpiece homes as well as various other interests on the side. Thank you Steve!!
Tom & Stacie D


It was a difficult process choosing someone to design our house. I really wanted to make sure that we went to someone who could see our vision and have a good understanding of our style. When I met with you to talk about designing our home, I knew that we had to have you design it! I felt completely at ease having you design our plan, even though we were unclear of exactly what we wanted. You provided ideas that fit perfectly. I really felt that you genuinely took interest in the plan. You spent so much time meeting with me (and my mom!), emailing and returning my phone calls to answer every question I had.

You definitely have an eye for true design. The results are brilliant! I love that our plan is very unique from other homes. Your attention to design detail has been amazing, it is going to be exactly what makes our house stand out from others! I can’t wait to build!

Thank You,
Bryan and Jennifer Boodt

Dear Steve,

Craig and I wanted to send you a note to thank you for your work and more specifically your forward thinking and innovations that go above and beyond home design.  In our market, survival is a continual battle and involves the ability to be creative and proactive in finding better ways to do things.

Builders and subcontractors alike must find ways to increase speed and efficiency for themselves and each other without comprising quality and detail.  As a subcontractor, your company has excelled at using the component of drawing house plans as a platform to create a truly innovative web based business.

The software gives builders and developers an avenue to create, showcase, and maintain their own websites and marketing to fit their particular market niche.  This is a complete and comprehensive system that normally would involve much more time, money, and coordination.

Congratulations on your success!

Mark Pruim, Ledger Builders

Dear Steve,

Thank you very much for your excellent design work on my new residence. I am very pleased with the results. You listened carefully to my ideas and wishes and combined them seamlessly with your own experiences and innovative ideas. The resulting plans are beautiful and unique. I will certainly recommend your services to others and will be glad to serve as a reference to anyone else inquiring of your services.

Sincerely yours,
Thomas A. B.

Dear Steve,

Initially I was somewhat apprehensive about working with an architect in creating my “dream home”, but you truly made the process of designing and implementing my house plans an exciting and easy one for me. Watching the daily updates via the internet proved to be a source of enjoyment for me as well. You were so willing to listen to my concerns and if there was ever anything I wanted changed, e-mailing you resulted in almost immediate revisions. You not only implemented my ideas, but you made professional suggestions you deemed necessary. The ability to review the changes on line, not to mention all the time I saved by not having to commute to your office, proved to be an important aspect of working with you as well. Now I have the perfect plans down to the smallest detail. You and your staff were very prompt, dependable, knowledgeable, and extremely professional in the development of my “dream home”. I would highly recommend your architectural agency to anyone who might be inquiring about your services. Thank you once again for making the design of my home such a pleasurable experience for me.

Cherie Robertson

Good news! My sister and her husband have been working with an architect in the Grand Haven area on the preliminary stuff to get their house plans drawn. Although they have already given her a retainer fee, they would like to forfeit that fee and work with you instead; IF they can utilize the computer. They were so impressed with your work and of course my high praises (smile) not to mention doing most of the work on the internet. But my question to you is, if their builder (they already have one picked) doesn’t have a web site/whip, is there a way for my sister to view the progress? Or is this not possible? Hope you have/had a good vacation.

Thanks again,


Thank you for your “speedy” service on the Blue Prints! We appreciate your ability to serve your customers quickly when needed. We were able to get the prints to our banker right away to get our construction loan started. Now we are getting near to closing on the land and can break ground soon. We appreciate your hard work!

Thanks again,
Tim and Louise H.

Hi Steve,

Here is the name and address of our builder in Traverse City. At your earliest convenience, please send him a set of our blueprints. We love the design more every time we look at it and can hardly wait to get started!

Thanks for giving us such a good start on our project.
Ruth Crouch


I just wanted to tell you what a great job you did on our church portrait. It is wonderful! Everyone loved it. The vote was unanimous to proceed with the project. Thanks so much for your great work, and Praise the Lord for bringing us together. I hope to work closely with you again soon!

Your friend in Christ,
John Brush

Thanks Steve,
I found your site at You had mentioned how a lot of home plans don’t take into account standard building materials and therefore were not laid out to be cost effective. This is something I had been talking to my wife about, the plans she had been looking at looked complicated and costly. We have narrowed it down to two plans. Both are from your company. We will be ordering a study set when we decide which plan we like the best.

Thanks Again,