Important Note about Time and Costs (Q&A at Bottom of the Page)

A growing number of my clients are enjoying the process of seeing their new home or remodel come to life with todays modeling software. Years ago people settled with what was drawn and trusted that the Architect had their best interest at heart. Which we do. However, because of the ability to edit a life like model and seeing varying results, more clients are engaging more heavily in the design process and willing to spend more time and money on their house plan to feel more confident in the final result of their new home or remodel.

I have a proven record of producing the desired preliminary layout and style the client has asked for 98% of the time. And the plan is always 100% what the client wants by the time I am done. However, there are times, once the preliminary plan is seen by the client that a different path is chosen. I call this, “working through what we don’t want to find what we want”. This can become a costly way to design a plan. There are times, very rare when the new direction requires me to start over. This should not be seen as a failure on my part or on the clients part, but rather the path that may be required to obtain the results a client is looking for.

My costs are kept very reasonable based on about 90% that flow through in a timely manner. A number of changes are made, plans marked up or a few extra meetings to work through things, for example. However, when a client wants to explore different ideas to see if they like something or not, more charges will incur for this added time. There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend more time and try things, but note that more time than typical will be spent and therefore more charges will apply. To avoid more charges, give added thought to what you want in your new home before our meeting to provide a more specific and clear direction.

New Home Construction

Building a new house takes a lot of planning, and part of that process is the collaboration of ideas. For many years I have helped people just like yourself, take their ideas and my experience of home design and building and make something beautiful together.

Additions And Remodeling

You found the right place to call home, but you need some help designing additional space or perhaps you have a few ideas you need help with to bring an aging house back to life. Remodeling is one of my favorite things to do.

Questions and Process

If you have questions and would like to learn more about the design process.