The images above show an example of a remodeling project, before (As-Built) and after (Remodel). Depending on the size of the project, most remodel jobs include additions, or additional spaces that often require an addition roof or several roofs – and drawing a 3D model of the original structure is very helpful in knowing how the additional spaces and roofs all tie together.

If you are adding a sunroom to the rear of your house, for example, then I do not need to spend time drawing the complete existing structure. However, your local city or township inspectors will require some foot print of what is existing and what is proposed as it pertains to your property, or a sitemap of your property. If an existing sitemap exists, I will want a copy of that to help with understanding where your existing house is located on the property. I do draw sitemaps if an existing document exists and is clear. I typically do not draw sitemaps if the new structure is close to a property line or no existing sitemap exists. This should be handled by your local surveying company.

Remodeling drawing costs are difficult to summarize, but I base my costs on what I would typically spend my time on drawing a similar new construction and will give you a quote. Remodeling drawing can cost a little more than new construction because there is additional time and work involved.

And! If you’re interested, we also include access to the software’s 3D viewer, so you can view your home in 3D from any computer device connected to the Internet. Check out the sample below… Use your left mouse button to drag and rotate the model, and your middle roller button to zoom in and out. Check out the Rendering Techniques and Cross-Section tools.

View SND1823 Klinke Residence - Remodel in Chief Architect’s 3D Viewer.

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